The Aurem Hotel

The hotel gym is no longer an afterthought.

Branding, Typography


Branding and Packaging, Spring 2021


Bradford Prairie, Candice Lopez


Terminal, Caslon


Minimal, Sophisticated


The Aurem Hotel is a boutique hotel located in Los Angeles, California designed to compliment an active lifestyle for ambitious high achievers. So often the hotel gym is an afterthought, and the common emphasis on ‘comfort’ often disregards notions of health within- or as a genesis for- comfort in the context of hospitality. The hotel pursues this lack of emphasis in the industry standard of comfort, aiming to provide a refined, high-end experience for the 35-50 year old Type-A target market without coming across as old fashioned.


To this end I worked with a mature, cooler temperature color palette and tidy minimalism. The custom wordmark employs a type modification to express the feeling of motion, and an upward trajectory to signal the accommodation of the improvement-oriented target market. The typography of Terminal, for a modern feel, and Caslon, with its trustworthy, traditional employment, were chosen to balance each other as a means of communicating a divergence from the stuffy tone a refined hotel can take, ultimately bringing The Aurem Hotel into a new space.