Who let the cows out: a vegetarian meat-alternatives brand



Advanced Typography, Spring 2020


Sean Bacon




Vegetarian, wholesome


Grazer is a vegetarian meat company that uses organic ingredients, looking to target young families and adults ages 30-45. The challenge was to ensure a dependable feeling and inspire confidence regarding quality.


The branding for Grazer is anchored in the hand-lettered wordmark which, when combined with the utilitarian san serif for the subheads, marries the connotations of backyard homeliness with a deliberate, structured standard of excellence. Another source of alignment within the market is the natural color palette, selected not only to enhance the friendliness of the brand, but make room for itself within and stand out from the competition.

Arrangement of vegetarian meat alternatives among other vegetables on a grey backdrop.

Upon careful review of main competitors within the meat alternatives market I identified that there was somewhat of an either/or option in terms of branding: bold and trendy or bright and warm. This offered an opening into which Grazer could make its mark: a middle ground brand that leverages a home-grown feel from the custom-lettered wordmark and classic color palette to push the market forward through a fun mix of type and photostyling.