A platform for, and showcase of, queer athletes and their stories.

Layout, Typography


Layout, Spring 2020


Min Choi


Rigid Square, Pilat


Niche, Serious, Editorial


Knockout is a quarterly magazine produced to amplify the stories of queer athletes and their teams. Targeting ages 20-35, the goal of this publication is to offer a space for queer athletes to see themselves, and broaden the scope of understanding and support within the athletic community at large.


I wanted to create a look and feel that was sophisticated, no-nonsense, yet optimistic. The loudness of the masthead is inspired by the notion of pushing back against the tendency to silence the queer community, while the muted color palette is a nod to its multifaceted nature. Input Sans, the monospace subhead typeface, brings an informative connotation, and when paired with clean lines, elevates the aesthetic to the level to which this deep-diving magazine is reaching.


Situated at the axis of queer-friendly and sports-related, Knockout is positioned based on the gap in print media as it is now.

Table of contents for magazine showing woman yelling and other athletes.Woman basketball player leaning over looking focused.woman holding fist up in a duotone image treatment of orange and red.infographic of map of the US showing antitrans legislation.Man in speedo standing in an alcove on Harvard's campus.