Creative Day West

One marketing conference to rule them all.

Branding, Typography


Rift, Roc Grotesk


Advanced Typography, Spring 2020


Sean Bacon


Trendy, professional, fun


Creative Day West is a San Diego-based conference aimed at bringing together creatives and marketing professionals with the goal of offering a fun and worthwhile professional development and networking experience to attendees. With a target audience that ranged in ages from 25 to 45, the branding needed to feel contemporary but not lean too youthful.


A key component of the solution was the color palette which utilizes two sets of relatively even tones, both a highlight (light pink and ochre) and a darker hue (navy and bright red), in addition to incorporating black and white. This not only allows for flexibility in my design for the many different applications, but balances the personality of the conference between conventional and charismatic. The logo anchors the playful tone with a rounded Rift typeface whose forms are expanded and contracted to illicit a sense of push and pull, simultaneously reinforcing the conference theme: 'Pushing San Diego Forward.'

User personas

In order to maintain the focus of the visual style and overall success of the branding, I zoned in on the target audience for the conference, informing all design decisions.