Back to the future: a vintage Americana-inspired canned cocktail

Branding, Typography


Roc Grotesk, Moderat


Advanced Typography, Spring 2020


Bradford Prairie, Candice Lopez


Playful, vintage, alcohol


Hopscotch is a canned cocktail brand targeting a hip millennial audience. With a focus on marrying a retro inspiration with the modern trend of ready-to-drink cocktails, the brand aims to harness the nostalgia and cultural equity of vintage Americana while injecting fun and energy into the brand.


Drawing inspiration from various vintage can labels and trucks, I emulated a classic look and feel via the type modification and layout of the crest. In order to bring the brand into the present, I chose a bold and bright color palette not only to make the packaging more engaging, but to differentiate from competitors. Additionally, I chose the typeface Roc Grotesk because it allows for a more robust emphasis on the future-forward brand in its broader applications, while still fitting within the overall vintage aesthetic of the label.

Image of sketches of various alternate logos among cocktail making paraphernalia.
Two different squat cans, one blue and one pink surrounded by notes comparing and analyzing their branding.
Pink can with label stretched out wide.
Hand holding a small orange cardboard carrying case of a canned cocktail.
Pink can with embossing along the side
An instagram post where a can is in the middle of a picnic.
Gif of textual instagram story displaying "worker owned in san diego" over green background.
Gif of a promotional sale for Hopscotch with a person leaning against wall and pushing off of it.
Image of an instagram post where the background shows a rusty truck grill and the hopscotch logo is overlayed on top.