Cal Coast Credit Union

Giving community banking a modern refresh.

Branding, Typography


Branding and Packaging, Spring 2021


Bradford Prairie, Candice Lopez


Brown, Publico


Corporate, Welcoming, Trustworthy


California Coast Credit Union is the longest-serving credit union in San Diego County, but its branding is stuck in the past and struggles to attract new members.


To pull this brand into the present the wordmark was refreshed through bold, sturdy typefaces that still have a friendly edge to them: Brown and Publico. The main brand colors were tweaked to more commercially popular hues as well, to nudge the brand toward a wider audience.

Brand audit

I analyzed the current branding and identified some areas of improvement, elements to tweak and some to expand upon.


The new wordmark injects energy and renewed vitality to an otherwise stale relic of the 90s. Several changes support this positive trajectory within the design, including the typography, center alignment of the text, and dynamic ligature between the O and A.

The use of Brown, a warm geometric san serif, combined with Publico, a welcoming and stable serif, allows the mark to hold maturity while evoking a buoyant and friendly character.


The website utilizes negative space and minimalism to emphasize clarity and transparency, while instilling confidence and trust through colorful, people-focused imagery, and friendly, easy-going copywritng.

In order to reach its broad target audience, the mobile app prioritizes easy access to commonly used tools as well as resources for reaching financial independence.